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Laundry Services in Bekasi

Bekasi Laundry Services from aQualis is the best choice for dirty laundry, ranging from women's clothing, men's clothing, blankets, towels, curtains, carpets to dolls. Now dirty laundry can be picked up and picked up with an easy process and fast time.

Bekasi has a very high level of activity. It's no wonder that household chores such as dirty laundry cannot be done alone, because the myriad of outside activities already drains energy. Bekasi people prefer to hand over their dirty laundry to a laundry service rather than washing it themselves.

Laundry Bekasi

Why Choose Bekasi Laundry Services from aQualis Fabricare?

For people who are busy with lots of activities, they prefer to use laundry services for their dirty laundry. This is because there are many advantages of using laundry services, including:

1. Free Laundry Shuttle Service

This is perhaps the biggest advantage of using a laundry service because there is a pick-up and delivery service for laundry using a car. You simply put your dirty clothes in a laundry bag, schedule a pick-up, and someone will come to your door to pick them up.

They will then wash, dry and fold your clothes and return them to you within a few days. What's more, if you choose a laundry service from aQualis Fabricare, you can also choose the Green dry clean service which can be a lifesaver if you have your favorite items which of course require special treatment in washing them, such as for example wool and silk, cash, kebaya, shall, etc. .

Green dry clean aQualis is certainly different from ordinary Dry Clean which still uses hazardous materials such as PCE or Hydrocarbon as a solvent for washing media instead of water. aQualis is a pioneer in Indonesia using liquid silicone, which is very safe for human health and the environment.

And most professional laundry services offer convenient online scheduling, so you can choose the day and time that work best for you. This is especially helpful if you have a busy schedule or need to do laundry on a specific day.

2. Quality of Laundry Results

When you use the best and professional laundry services, you can be sure that your laundry will be professionally cleaned and cared for and you can be sure that your clothes will be handled with care. Serving since 2003, aQualis Fabricare will never compromise on the quality our customers receive.

This is because the best laundry services use high-quality commercial washing machines, detergents, and eco-friendly fabric softeners to keep your clothes clean and smelling fresh. The quality of your clothes will also be maintained because all the products used will not only clean but also take care of your clothes.

3. Environmentally Friendly

By using the best laundry services, you are indirectly protecting the environment. This is because your clothes will be washed using environmentally friendly products with a standard of 3 leaves, which means 100% natural.

Our laundry service uses natural materials that can decompose by themselves when returned to the earth, of course with further waste treatment we ensure that the wastewater from our products is safe for the environment.

Jasa Laundry Bekasi

Best and Professional Bekasi Laundry Services

For those of you who are looking for laundry services in Bekasi, don't hesitate to use laundry services, wet clean, green dry clean from aQualis Fabricare who has decades of experience. aQualis Fabricare provides shuttle services for the Bekasi area and its surroundings. You can contact us to pick up dirty clothes. aQualis also has several outlets spread across the Bekasi area, including:

1. Aqualis Pondok Gede

Jl. Bird of Paradise No. 1, Antilop Housing, Jatiwaringin, Pondok Gede Bekasi

WA: 081311556945

2. Aqualis Kemang Pratama

Jl. Kemang Primary Kingdom. Kemang Pratama Ruko Block AM No. 2B, Rawalumbu, Bekasi

WA: 081293600574

3. Aster Garden aQualis

Jl. Pulo Sirih Raya FE 448, Galaxy, Bekasi

WA: 081298358302

4. aQualis Jaka Permai

Jl. Cemara Raya No. 1, Jaka Sampurna, Bekasi

WA: 081293654542

5. Aqualis Puri Ivory

Jl. Spring Garden Boulevard No. 71A, Bekasi

WA: 081381446704

6. Aqualis Kemang Pratama Express

Jl. Express Raya Blok ZZ No. 15, Kemang Primary 1, Bekasi

WA: 089637787714

7. aQualis Jatiwaringin Asri

Jl. Sangata Block F1 No.3, Jatiwaringin Asri, Pondok Gede Bekasi

WA: 081385995536

8. aQualis Defense

Jl. Raya Hankam No. 99, Pondok Melati, Bekasi

WA: 081315792299

9. aQualis Ajeng Kartini

Jl.. RA Kartini, Margahayu, East Bekasi

WA: 081318523932

10. Aqualis Pekayon

Jl. Pekayon Raya 46A, Bekasi

WA: 081383147128

11. Aqualis Rawa Lumbu

Jl. Raya Scout No. 39, Rawa Lumbu, Bekasi

WA: 0895329088225

12. aQualis Galaxy Garden

Jl. Surya Raya No. 389, Front Galaxy Baiturrahim Mosque, Bekasi

WA: 081250048650

13. Aqualis Pondok Cipta

Jl. Pondok Cipta Raya A3/33, in Alfamart, Bekasi

WA: 081294256715

With the Bekasi shuttle laundry service, you can save your time and enjoy your free time for quality time with your loved ones. You can leave dirty laundry to the experts without disturbing your precious time.

If you live in the city of Bekasi, and are looking for the best Bekasi laundry services, look no further than the experienced aQualis Fabricare. We offer a variety of laundry services ranging from women's clothing, men's clothing, baby clothing and equipment to bed linen, bed covers, curtains, carpets, leather bags, leather jackets

Bekasi aQualis Fabricare laundry service can save you time and energy. So, don't hesitate to contact us, we are ready to provide the best Bekasi shuttle laundry service. How to order our shuttle service, you can directly WA to 0813 8197 2469 or through our website at www.aqualisfabricare.com

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