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Laundry Service in Semarang

For the people of Semarang who are looking for a laundry service that has a fast process, gives satisfactory results and a fast response, aQualis Fabricare is the solution. Laundry service that has decades of experience is committed to providing the best laundry service for every customer.

aQualis Fabricare is a laundry company with 20 years of experience, has 70 outlets in 19 cities in Indonesia. One of the cities where we aim to provide the best laundry service is Semarang. Because we really understand that the people of Semarang really need laundry services that are able to provide satisfaction to consumers.

As a laundry service with 20 years of experience, we are committed to providing services, such as:

1. Laundry, Wet Clean, Dry Clean Service Online

As a company that is always innovating, our laundry services always keep up with the times. We offer laundry services, wet clean, green dry clean online, meaning you can contact and use our services simply by contacting us via WA 081386057573 for aQualis Semarang.

However, if you want to come directly to our outlet, please visit us at aQualis Semarang Ruko Siranda No.8 I, Jl. Diponegoro, Semarang Tel: 0248445293, WA: 081386057573.

2. Hygienic and Clean

Because it is done by experienced people, your clothes will get a good treatment so they are clean without stains. We ensure that every piece of cloth is clean and hygienic by conducting laboratory tests on the results of our laundry on a regular basis, in a laboratory that has been registered with the Indonesian Ministry of Health.

3. Rewash Guarantee

For the sake of customer satisfaction, we provide a guarantee of re-washing which is done quickly, which only takes 24 hours after picking up clean clothes by the customer. Although this rarely happens because we always provide clean, neat and fragrant laundry results, to provide customer satisfaction we will be committed to providing a re-washing guarantee. Please claim the re-washing guarantee if the results of the laundry we provide are not clean, we will be happy to re-wash them clean.

4. Laundry Express

If you need an express laundry service that delivers outstanding results, then the Semarang laundry service from aQualis is the solution. You don't have to worry, even though it's express, but our laundry results are guaranteed to be clean, tidy and won't disappoint you. This express laundry service is perfect for people who want to get clean laundry results quickly.

5. Washing Process According to Procedure

As a laundry company with decades of experience, of course we always pay attention to how our team works. Each washing process is carried out according to the procedure so as to produce clean laundry without stains. We ensure that every piece of clothing is not only washed clean but also gets fashion care services (fabricare).

6. Using Eco-Friendly Products

In order to keep each piece of clothing durable, we use natural products that are safe for fabric fibers and are environmentally friendly. Our fashion care services use products such as wool & silk care, green chemical (100% natural laundry & wet cleaning), green softener™ and moisture control™, antibacterial guard, bio detergent, bio stain removal™, brite white, color care, green dry cleaning. In addition to being environmentally friendly, all of our washing raw materials are of course also safe for human health and skin.

7. Complete Laundry Service

aQualis Fabricare is a company that provides complete laundry services, starting from unit laundry for clothes, unit doll laundry, baby equipment laundry, baby stroller laundry, bed cover laundry, bag laundry, carpet laundry, and other laundry services.

From the many features of our laundry service, of course the people of Semarang will not be confused anymore to find the best laundry service, right? To subscribe, please contact us directly via Tel: 0248445293 WA: 081386057573 or come directly to our outlet.

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