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Are you looking for the nearest stroller laundry that can remove stains such as food spills, drink spills on your baby stroller? A stroller or pram is one of the baby equipment that must be kept clean because it is a place that is often used to place your baby.

The stroller must be cleaned regularly so that it does not become a nest of bacteria. Moreover, babies are still very susceptible to germs, this is why keeping baby equipment clean is very important because it affects their health. Equipment that must be cleaned regularly, including baby boxes, baby mattresses, baby walkers and strollers.

Laundry Stroller Terdekat

Why Stroller Must Be Cleaned?

As a parent, whether mother or father, cleaning baby equipment is an unavoidable task. There are so many things a parent should do to make sure their little one has clean things to use, and this includes strollers.

Since babies have much lower immunity than adults, it is important to make sure that anything they come into regular contact with is clean and germ-free. Since most parents use the stroller on a daily basis, regular cleaning is very important.

The stroller frame that unites every other part of the stroller needs to be cleaned so it doesn't become a nest for germs and bacteria. While it's not easy to notice, it tends to accumulate a lot of dirt and grime over time requiring cleaning.

If the pram is clean, then your baby will feel comfortable and of course safe. Babies will be calmer because the strollers they ride are comfortable. This allows your baby to avoid skin allergies caused by bacteria that come from leftovers or spills of your baby's milk or food.

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Closest Laundry Stroller from aQualis Fabricare

Besides serving clothes laundry, aQualis Fabricare also serves stroller laundry. We understand how important the safety and health of the baby is. Therefore, the stroller laundry service from aQualis Fabricare only uses safe cleaning products and tools, because it is to maintain the health of the baby.

We use eco-friendly products to clean strollers. The products we use are not only effective in cleaning dirt that sticks to strollers but are also safe for babies whose skin is still sensitive. We make sure that the products we use will not cause allergic reactions to the baby's skin.

The process of cleaning the strollers that we do is of course very professional. Not only prioritizing cleanliness but also caring for it so that the stroller stays durable. Here are some stroller cleaning processes from the nearest stroller laundry, aQualis Fabricare:

  • Vacuum – A stroller that is rarely cleaned, of course there is a lot of dust in certain parts, for example on the fabric and even the frame of the stroller. The first step we take to cleaning the stroller is to vacuum from top to bottom, inside all moving parts, hidden seams, covers, and straps to remove any food crumbs.
  • Washing – After the stroller is clean from dust, the next step is washing it with water and detergent and softener to remove germs, dirt, stains and dirt from baby equipment. The types of cleaning products we use safely and effectively clean fabrics and surfaces using surfactants to remove dirt, grease, and common bacteria and viruses.
  • Application of Anti-Bacterial Guard – The final step for washing and rinsing with water is to coat it with an Anti-Bacterial Guard coating. So that your baby stroller is protected from bacteria, fungi and viruses for the next 60 days.
  • Drying the stroller – So that the stroller is completely dry, we dry it using a vacuum and the latest technology dryer. To absorb excess water and moisture, the microfiber cloth is completely dry.
  • Reassembly – After all the parts have been cleaned and the cloth is completely dry, the next step is to reassemble the stroller carefully to put all the parts back together properly.

aQualis Fabricare is an experienced stroller laundry service, you can use our shuttle laundry service in Jabodetabek and Surabaya. Just WA to 081381972469. You can already use the nearest stroller laundry service. We assure you, your baby equipment will be returned clean and germ-free!

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