Laundry Pick Up Delivery


Laundry Pick Up Delivery Service

Are you looking for a reliable laundry pick up delivery service? You can use the pick-up delivery laundry service from aQualis which serves the pick-up and delivery of clothes. If you use a laundry pick up delivery service, pick up and delivery will be scheduled according to your needs.

In addition, pickup and delivery times and locations will be arranged according to your schedule. When you schedule a laundry pick up delivery service, you must specify your preferred pick-up and delivery location and time. That way we can arrange a schedule that is tailored to your wishes.

Laundry Pick Up Delivery

Reasons for Choosing aQualis Fabricare Laundry Pick Up Delivery Service

As the name suggests, the laundry pick up delivery service is a service for picking up dirty laundry to be cleaned at a scheduled time, then returning it after cleaning. You don't need to go to our laundry outlet directly to drop off and pick up your laundry. If you are busy and don't have much time to wash your own clothes, you can use our laundry pick up delivery service.

aQualis Fabricare is a laundry company that offers laundry pick up delivery for Jabodetabek and Surabaya areas. By using our laundry service, you don't need to leave the house just to take dirty laundry to our outlet. Simply by contacting us online, we are ready to pick up your dirty clothes and return them back after your clothes are clean, well maintained, smell good and neat.

Our laundry pick up delivery service makes it easy for every customer who is in the Jabodetabek area and also Surabaya with pickup and delivery directly to your door. Our laundry service is here to help ease your homework. Laundry pick up delivery services ensure that your laundry is handled by professionals.

The greatest convenience offered by our laundry pick up delivery service is the fast turnaround time. Only with a minimum of 2 washings in Greater Jakarta, you can relax at home and do the laundry, wet cleaning and green dry cleaning to the maximum. As soon as you schedule pick-up, we will come to your door to pick up your dirty laundry. Garments will be cleaned immediately but thoroughly, before being sent to your location within the allotted time. Therefore, our service is very helpful in cleaning clothes quickly and without bothering you at all.

Jasa Laundry Pick Up Delivery

How Does Our Laundry Pick Up Delivery Service Work?

Laundry pick-up delivery services complete dirty laundry quickly without the hassle. We immediately pick up the dirty laundry according to the address you provide, then we will deliver it back clean, tidy and of course hygienic. To use the free shuttle laundry service, you can follow the following steps:

1. Schedule Pick Up

To use our laundry pick up delivery service, it's quite easy, visit our website, then click on the "Pick Up" menu. You can fill in the form provided, such as your full name, cellphone number, email, address and pick-up date.

Or you can also contact us via chat WA 081381972469, you can provide your full address, and our admin will schedule a pick-up according to your wishes. We make sure that from our drivers to our washing team, we deliver satisfactory results. We make sure your clothes are in good hands!

2. Pick-up Day

After the schedule is determined, our driver picks up your dirty laundry to a predetermined address. Just in case, we will remind you before our driver comes to pick up the dirty laundry at your house.

3. Delivery Day

When your clothes are clean, tidy, and ready to wear, one of our delivery couriers will return them folded and hung up at your predetermined drop off location. To keep your clothes clean, we pack your clothes with special plastic to prevent dust or other debris. We make sure your clothes are returned clean without stains, smell fresh and ready to wear.

We will keep you updated during the process via WA chat or email when the driver is on his way and the order has been cleared. Even though the Covid 19 pandemic was declared over, we continue to follow all developments from the government to ensure the safety of our customers and staff.

Isn't it very easy to use our laundry pick up delivery service? We are a very unique laundry and dry cleaning company because we operate both offline and online. We already have 70 outlets spread across 19 cities in Indonesia. This gives us control to optimize our systems and procedures to ensure the highest quality laundry service.

If you want to use the aQualis Fabricare pick up delivery laundry service, don't hesitate to contact our team or fill out the form on the "Pick Up" menu on our website. As a professional laundry pick up delivery service, we make sure to provide the best service and service for you!

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